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The New Chopard Replica

What are the most important products of UlysseNardin?

The Freak is a strong collection and a great ambassador to Ulysse Nadin. This piece is a great piece for collectors and those just getting started in mechanical watchmaking. The Freak has strong potential and I expect to see more of it over the coming months.

We have been trying to revive the key collections. At the Monaco Yacht show we launched a new Diver Chronometer that is more modern and sleeker. The Marine Torpilleur is also very strong. In honor of our partnership,swiss panerai replica watches we have added limited-edition military models to the Marine Torpilleur. It's a wonderful storytelling piece for us.

Please tell me why the Freak matters toChopard Replica.

The Freak is unlike any other. It is a bold product that is the heart of Chopard Replica. We felt it was important to make the Freak collection a pillar of our brand. It's been a "laboratory at the wrist" for the latest technologies to be tested and displayed. The "Grinder" is an automated winding system that increases the transmission of energy. Chopard fake This technology is truly groundbreaking and Freak was the perfect place to bring it to market.

Chopard Replica Freak (Image (c) Revolution)

What is changing in the Chopard Replica customers? Which target are you?

Millennials are the most important group in our minds. We need to connect with these new replica watches There are millions of them. Ulysse Nadin is not the first luxury watch a person buys. It is not easy to find the right brands and manufactures. Your brand should be able to distinguish you from others.

We are also competing with other watch brands.Chopard Replica We also compete with other types spending, such as a luxury handbag or a sports car. The consumer is the consumer. We don't think different based on category.

How important are the US to your strategy?

The brand places the US as a top priority. This year, we launched several exclusive timepieces for the US: a Stars & Stripes Executive Tourbillon, and the previously mentioned "Semper Fortis", from the Marine Torpilleur Military Collection. We will continue to create products for the US market.

Beautiful piece is the New Marine Torpilleur Military Semper Fortis This is why Chopard Replica is so important. How will it appeal to new customers?

Ulysse Nadin's partnership to the US Navy is significant for both technical recognition and storytelling. The partnership was formed in the early 1900s when the Naval Observatory in Washington tested our Marine Chronometers.Chopard Replica Because we were the No.1 in precision and reliability, we were selected from an international competition. When I joined the brand for the first time, I brought a historian with me to explore UlysseNardin’s archives. He discovered the story of the partnership withthe U.S. Navy that was not known before.

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