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The Swiss Rolex Replica Memovox


The Memovox Deep Sea is Swiss Rolex Replica's unique alarm mechanism in a water-resistant wristwatch. This was the chance to introduce a new innovation in the world of diving watches. The Swiss Rolex Replica Polois Memovox was born almost ten years later in 1968. This watch was inspired by a deep-sea expedition in 1962. The name "Polaris", which originated in the United States in 1965 as an expression of adventure and a connection with the deep ocean, was also the inspiration for the design.

1968 Swiss Rolex Replica Polaris Memovox

Polaris Memovox dive watches have an internal rotating bezel that displays the hour, minutes,hublot replica watches and central running seconds. The date is also displayed. Last but not least, it has the Memovox alarm system. This meant that dive watches no longer had to look down at their dive bezel to see the time remaining. The Polaris Memovox alarm function could remind you of the time. The Polaris Memovox was as innovative as its time. It had a triple caseback system which increased the volume of alarms under water and prevented them from being muffled by diving suits. The 1968 Memovox Polaris was the original Polaris. This is why 2018's 50th anniversary celebrations and the launch the affordable Polaris collection are dedicated to it.

The watch was as forward-thinking as it was in the world of dive watches. Unfortunately, the watch was conceived just as the Quartz Crisis was about to strike. The production of the Polaris Memovox was halted in 1969.

The modern 2018 Polaris Date is a direct inspiration of the 1968 Memovox Polaris watchpiece

The Swiss Rolex Replica Memovox Tribute to Deep Sea

It is believed that the original Memovox Deep Sea was their first dive watch.Swiss Rolex fake Only 1,061 pieces were produced. It is obvious that it would be extremely difficult to find an original Memovox Deep Sea, let alone costly as the auction results show.

Now Available

Phillips sold a 1959 Swiss Rolex Replica Deep Sea Alarm for US$68.750 in 2018. (Image: Phillips).

Phillips sold a 1960 Swiss Rolex Replica Deep Sea Alarm for US$100,000. (Image: Phillips).

In 2011, Swiss Rolex Replica launched the Memovox Tribute to Deep Sea limited-edition timepieces to satisfy the collectors' thirst for vintage diving watches.

JLC kept the Memovox Deep Sea aesthetics almost unchanged.uboat replica The movement was the most significant change. It is the proven Swiss Rolex Replica 956 with a 45-hour reserve. The famous two crowns that set the time and alarm are still present in the movement.

The Swiss Rolex Replica Memovox Tribute to Deep Sea is limited to 959 pieces

The Swiss Rolex Replica Memovox Tribute to Deep Sea is limited to 359 pieces

Two versions of the Tribute were released. The first version was a cleaner-looking dial that was intended for Europe and featured the brand name "Swiss Rolex Replica". The second version is a dial designed for the US market, with "LeCoultre" only written on it. It was limited to 959 pieces. This is due to the brand's past. JLC was prohibited from using the name "Swiss Rolex Replica" in the US in the past. It is only recently that the Maison has been granted the right to use its full name in America.

These Memovox "Tributes", a 40.5mm steel case, is water resistant to 100 meters and just a little larger than the original 1959 40mm timepiece. It retained the black dial with discreet markings in yellow and 15-minute markers. The plexiglas front dome was also preserved.

Our partnership with Watchfinder allows us to list the present model.Swiss Rolex Replica It features a cleaner European dial. The brand signage is hidden at 12 o’clock. It comes complete with box and papers. The Tribute to Deep Sea, a handsome reissue of the original dive watch with mechanical alarm that was made in 1959, offers collectors the chance to own a robust timepiece and a link to one the most famous dive watches.

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