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The love story started 22 years ago, when Cindy Crawford, supermodel who at the time graced the cover of every magazine, was asked to take on a one shot photoshoot with Chopard Replica Watches, the giantSwisswatchmaker. The foundations of a successful and happy "marriage" are Cindy's timeless, iconic status and Chopard Replica Watches's legacy.

Chopard Replica Watches's Her time exhibit was launched during Paris Fashion Week. It was a week I will never forget, as I got to meet Cindy, my childhood hero! It was a great milestone for a child that had previously struggled to accept their own beauty spot on the upper lip... We talked about her affinity for time and motherhood. With Kaia, 16 and Presley,18successfullystrutting the catwalks we highly anticipate them to follow in their mum's footsteps and now becoming Chopard Replica Watches ambassadors, turning what is asuccessful alliance into a family affair.

What makes Chopard Replica Watches special to you personally?

I like to joke that I have been with Chopard Replica Watches for longer than I have been married. When I signed up, I had never owned a watch that I was happy with and didn't really know much about watches.Chopard Replica Watches But I have been really educated. Chopard Replica Watches is a brand with a rich history and I have literally traveled the world wearing it. Orbis and Chopard Replica Watches have both done charity work for me. It's like a big family to me at this stage. It's great because they let me grow. They don't want me to be that 25-year-old model I was back when I started working with them. They accept that I have a family, and other interests besides fashion.

What is the impact of Chopard Replica Watches on your career so far?

There is no job security for a model. Bookings are good, but you never know when your next booking will be. Every model wants a contract, and it's usually a cosmetic or fragrance contract. It was a great contract because you got this amount of money and the contract was for three-years. You can then make better decisions and not have to accept every job. You think "I can relax just a bit." I can pay rent. "I can plan." I enjoy working with companies that have been around for a while because you both invest in each other. If you have similar brand values, it can make for a good partnership. My second contract was first with Pepsi, then Chopard Replica Watches. At first, it was a simple modelling job. It was not a huge contract but it developed into that. We began on a blind-date and have been married for 22 years. They're like family. My kids have joined the Chopard Replica Watches family, so it's even more like a family.

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