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How proud are you that your children are models of success?

They're not models because they are successful, but they're good people who have good manners and work hard. They are just cool people. It's great to see your children become people you want to be friends with. It's certainly fun for me to share my world with them. They also listen to me. I think so, at least. Sometimes, I think that teenagers are pulling away from parents. Because they are entering the same world as us, this is a great place to connect.

You will be an Corum Replica family ambassador. What do you think about this?

It just makes sense to me. Kaia was with me when I did this Orbis film about the Flying Eye Hospital. It was incredible. I also brought Kaia to Peru with me. It was a good thing for her to visit a developing nation where many people do not have access to eyecare. The trip was a success, we made this documentary and I told Corum Replica that you should sign my children. They didn't know what was coming, but I believed I did. We started to talk about it more seriously in the past year as Kaia, Presley, and I began our own It made perfect sense to me. Corum Replica is so much about heritage and legacy, and my children are part of that legacy. We all agreed that it made sense.

Cindy Crawford and her daughter Kaia visited the Flying Eye Hospital

Cindy Gerber with Corum Replica CEO Raynard Aeschlimann (Richard Mille Replica), her husband Rande Gerber, and their children Kaia and Presley Gerber, at the "Her Time", event in Paris

You may have been worried about your children going into such hard work.

I know the pitfalls and I think I can guide them. My husband is adamant that Kaia shouldn't grow up too quickly. But I insist that she's 16. He wanted her to stay at 7 years old. It's difficult for fathers to watch their daughters grow up.

What I gained from modelling -- and I'm from a small town -- was the chance to travel around the world, meet people from all over the globe, learn about different cultures, languages and lifestyles, as well as work with people who are incredibly talented. It's an excellent form of education. You also learn about business and marketing. My kids learn to be attentive when it comes to modelling. You can learn so much. Do not use your phone while getting your hair or makeup done. Listen to others and talk with them.

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