Modular quick release couplings RBE

Designed for applications in all industrial sectors, research and development and laboratories for the connection of circuits for:

  • Gases: hydrogen, argon, nitrogen, helium
  • Steam
  • Solvents and acids
  • Liquids
  • High pressure
  • Vacuum

A large, completely modular range, RBE quick couplings offer as standard:

5 coupling sizes, 3 construction materials, 7 seal compounds, 3 shutoff systems, 7 safety connection keys and numerous threading types.

Large range

RBE quick couplings come in 5 different sizes in order to meet your different flow requirements:

  • 3 mm (1/8")
  • 6 mm (1/4")
  • 8 mm (5/16")
  • 11 mm (1/2")
  • 19 mm (3/4")

Fully automatic

Connection and disconnection are one-handed operations:

  • Connection by pushing the plug into the socket.
  • Disconnection by simply pressing on the push button.

We keep Stšubli in stock for immediate dispatch

  • RBE 06.6150 in stock
  • RBE 06.6161 in stock
  • RBE 60.6808 in stock
  • RBE 06.6810 in stock
  • RBE 06.6101 in stock
  • RBE 06.6806 in stock
  • RBE 061103.IA in stock
  • RBE 08.6101 in stock
  • RBE 08.1101/IA in stock
  • RBE 08.6808 in stock
  • RBE 11.6153 in stock
  • RBE 11.6819 in stock
  • RBE 11.6813 in stock
  • RBE 11.1103/IA in stock
  • RBE 11.1103.IA.OS in stock
  • RBE 11.1103.IA.OO in stock
  • RBE 11.1103/IA.JE.OS in stock

3 shutoff systems to choose from

Single, double shutoff or unvalved. select the valving system required by your application.

Foolproof circuit identification

7 different mechanical keys:

  • Prevent any errors in connection between various gas and fluid circuits
  • Permit clear identification of circuits



yellow 180°


blue 120°


violet 165°


brown 105°


red 150°


black 90°


green 135°



Numerous combinations of construction materials

From the standard series to the full stainless steel model, combined with the maximum working pressure of your system and the external environment, RBE quick couplings offer a very large spectrum of combinations of construction materials according to your application.

Numerous options

Protection against dirt ingress, raised push button, safety button, fixing device for socket dust cap and more.

Proven reliability

The particular technology of Stšubliís range of couplings delivers long service life at a low operating cost.

Safety couplings RCS

  • Quick couplings for all compressed air lines.
  • Ring main s.
  • Connecting of air tools, blowguns and air automation equipment.
  • Hose extensions.

Perfect sealing - a guarantee of economy

Selecting the RCS range of quick release couplings will optimize the tightness of your circuits and reduce energy consumption. You spend less, and you contribute to sustainable development.

We keep Stšubli in stock for immediate dispatch:

  • RCS 06.6150 in stock
  • RCS 06.1161 in stock

Fine-tuned technology - a guarantee of safety

  • Anti-hose whip safety system: No risk of dangerous hose whip under pressure (ISO 4414 standard).
  • Connection plugs: ISO 6150 series C standard.
  • Excellent pressure resistance.

Socket, rotating version

360° of freedom, performance and maneuverability.

Active safety couplings RSI

Stšubli invents 3-in-1 active safety against the risk of violent hose ejection under pressure.

Quick couplings for all compressed air circuits:

  • Spurs on pipework
  • Fittings on extension hoses
  • Pneumatic tool connectors
  • Air guns and automatic systems on machines

Fully automatic

Simply pressing the button once starts a fully automatic disconnection process:

1. Closure of the upstream compressed air circuit
2. Decompression of the downstream circuit
3. Automatic disconnection of the plug as soon as the pressure is low enough.

Rotating button

RSI coupling bodies can be rotated to make the button as accessible as possible.

Swivelling version

  • Flexibility of use, thanks to the lightness of the materials and the ball bearings.
  • Effortless operation, even under pressure: Reduction in musculoskeletal disorders.
  • The swivel function is an integral part of the socket and ensures all aspects of performance: Flow, tightness, etc.

All stainless steel RBS

The perfect alliance of corrosion resistant material and safe operation.

Connections for compressed air and natural gas networks in corrosive environments:

  • food processing applications
  • chemical
  • pharmaceutical
  • nuclear power
  • marine...
  • 316 L all stainless steel construction
  • Anti-hose whip safety function complying to ISO 4414 standard
  • Bores available: 6, 8 and 11mm.
  • 3 socket seal materials to choose from:
  • nitrile (NBR)
  • fluorocarbon (FBM)
  • ethylene-propylene (EPDM)
  • 3 possible connections:
  • male threading
  • female threading
  • for rubber hose
  • additional options:
  • bulkhead mounting socket
  • degreasing
  • KES sealing kits
  • plugs and protective dust caps

Quick-release couplings MPX

  • Medium-pressure hydraulics
  • Quick connection of lines, ensuring safety, high performance, no contamination of hydraulic circuits and no pollution of the environment
  • For many hydraulic applications, including connections to machinery, injection molding machinery and core pulling circuits

Non-spill, flush face

The MPX prevents the introduction of air into the hydraulic circuits while assuring no pollution of the working area. Prior to connection, the flush faces may be easily wiped to prevent contamination of the circuits.

Automatic connection

Automatic connection is achieved simply by pushing the plug into the socket.

Safety locking feature

A safety pin prevents accidental pulling back of the sleeve. To activate this safety feature a simple rotation of the sleeve after connection is required.

High tolerance of temperature and hydraulic fluid compatibility

MPX couplings are equipped with fluorocarbon (FPM) seals as standard, providing:

  • Compatibility with the majority of hydraulic fluids
  • Wide range of operating temperatures

Full flow quick couplings RPL

  • Hot and cold water circuits
  • Temperature control of molds on injection presses

Ensure safety and guarantee performance right down the line.

Easy circuit identification

Thanks to the identification of sockets and plugs by coloured rings, circuit identification is quick and easy. The rings can also serve to number the circuits (on the socket side).

Safe locking, quickly checked

With a strengthened locking system, the security of the circuits is more reliable.
The locked position is instantly visible by the coloured ring on the socket.

3 diameters to support your production

The RPL range, with its clear bore, combines excellent flow with compact design. RPL connectors come in 3 sizes and cover all flow volumes required for mold temperature control.

Ease of connection and disconnection

Since the knurled locking ring makes it easier to grip the plug, connection and disconnection can be done with one hand, and in record time.

Extensions and bridge pieces to rationalize your mold setup

Completely recessed mounting

On both new and retrofit molds, it is possible to mount the RPL flush with the mold surface in order to prevent any damage during transport and storage.